Tuesday 7 February 2012

google zip/rar trick added

There are a lot of filesharing tools out. megaupload is dead now. In general a google query that contains an artist and or album name will often give good results. With a wildcard it will even be better because the year of release might be added between it. I found out that mediafire often gives a great download and added a useful query to exploseek. It is better always use quotes between this IMHO. Play around with it. An example is

"Elvis_Presley*.zip" OR "ElvisPresley*.zip" OR "Elvis Presley*.zip" OR "Elvis_Presley*.rar" OR "ElvisPresley*.rar" OR "Elvis Presley*.rar"

and if you want to limit it to a certain site add something like site:mediafire.com which is now there already.

Remember google is still the best option to find media on the internet (if it is indexed in one way or another) The drawback is that we often have to go through tons of spam sites.

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