Tuesday 29 June 2010

A link to STH

Not really search related... although... This forum is the reason that Exploseek started. I was also posting there years ago, it seems still a great place.

I would say if you find a nice site first bulk download it then post it at


Thursday 10 June 2010

megaupload rapidshare google query

I've added two test queries, although it's under the category 'music' it is for both music/video in general.

A direct query within the megaupload.com domain (using site:) seems to be very useful, for rapidshare that doesn't give much results therefore I've also added a query 'megaupload.com OR rapidshare.com ' and if you are lucky rapid gives it to you, if your IP adress is not timed-out. With that query you will, of course, also find links to a lot of rapidshare or megaupload search engines that you can check individually. I have no idea if it is useful to add those and I'm not really into them.