Sunday 21 March 2010

Prostopleer seems to have a high succes rate

I recently heard about this one. This is surely a one soon to be added...

Wednesday 17 March 2010

I've updated the exclusions also in the other search engines. It seems that Bing works also with adding simple - signs in the query. This should also work for yahoo but it still lists some of the results, even if you use advanced search and choose the option to exclude it from the url.

For example, if you exclude html and htmin the urls, like the following query

It still gives results containing htm(l) in the url.

Other changes:

- Exalead query corrected
- Multimedia mp3 search engines temporarily disabled

Don't forgot that it is all possible to mail or reply about good search engines/tools or queries!

Tuesday 16 March 2010

It seems harder to find open (apache) indexes than before

The old "index of" or "parent directory" trick is now used by a lot of websites to get traffic, even if you add -html -htm -shtml -phtml -php -buy -aspx -jsp -asp -cgi -pdf -ftp, what I just tested for the google music query (first one). A lot of sites are even no open indexes. Some of them are fake open indexes or some of them are password protected or redirect to spam links.
I think it is not physically possible to exclude the spam sites because the query becomes to large. The only way to check this is to process the url itself which should then be done on the server or with a client sided script. However there is still a chance to find material in this simple way.

Friday 12 March 2010

1st message

Hello reader. From this moment I will keep a blog of every change I make to exploseek and also all interesting search things that are worth mentioning. I haven't changed the site for a while and some of the queries are old and/or have expired. I also checked the server logs recently and the visitors have dropped a lot, which is a bad thing. This blog will hopefully force me to maintain the tool. Stay tuned